Taiwan Declaration for World Peace


Taipei, Taiwan


In 1984, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace which proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a sacred right to peace, that the preservation and promotion of the right of peoples to peace constitute a fundamental obligation of each State, and that the policies of States be directed towards the elimination of the threat of war, particularly nuclear war, the renunciation of the use of force and the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means. In 2002, the United Nations proclaims September 21 to be the UN International Day of Peace.    

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and world leaders shall reflect on past mistakes and think about how to eliminate wars and maintain peace. Regrettably, the Secretary-General of the UN Mr. Ban Ki-moon attended the massive military parade in Tiananmen Square in Beijing on September 3, saluting to militarism. Earlier on May 9 this year, Chinese leader Xi Jinping attended the military parade on Red Square in Moscow at the invitation of President Putin. Will world peace be maintained if both great communist powers stand hand-in-hand and show off their most advanced weapons?


On the other side of the Taiwan Strait, peace-loving people in Taiwan do not simply condemn militarism and jingoism, but go a step further to hold a World Peace Carnival to express our love, aspiration and belief for world peace, on the eve of the International Day of Peace.


World War II caused vast casualties and catastrophes, and there were 200,000 Taiwanese young people conscripted to join the war, among those 30,000 died in battles on foreign land. Wars are not only cruel but also foolish. There are no winners in war because wars cannot solve but create more problems, more destruction, and more deaths. War is a sin and should be condemned. It is the common duty of all human beings to eradicate wars and safeguard peace.     


However, peace does not mean surrender and humiliation. Peace shall be upheld with respect, justice, and sustainability. For the past five decades, democratic Taiwan has confronted communist China, and most countries in Central America have chosen to ally with Taiwan and reject China. Therefore, the Asia Pacific countries can enjoy democracy and freedom, and the backyard of the U.S. is able to avoid the spread and threat of communism. Taiwan is a real peace-maker and deserves the world’s compliments.   


Taiwan needs the world, and the world needs Taiwan as well. Taiwan’s soft power is the world’s asset, and the stories of Taiwan’s survival and development are a reflection of the light of humanity. If Taiwan were to become the base of communism, peace in the Asia Pacific would be destroyed, and so were in Central America.


To respond to the drastic change in the Asia Pacific, the U.S. determined to return to Asia and safeguard the Western Pacific region. Then, the world should recognize and respect Taiwan, the throat of the first island chain. It also should reinforce Taiwan’s strategic value, help Taiwan become a state of peace and neutrality, so that Taiwan can participate actively in the international community. Let Taiwan’s democracy shine over Asia. Let Taiwan’s soft power enrich the world.


Long live world peace. Long live Taiwan.  

Viva Peace, Viva Taiwan!




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