War or Peace? Coward or Hero?


An Open Letter to His Excellencies

President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un

August 15, 2017

Taipei, Taiwan


The recent drastic political and military confrontations between your nations have brought the region of East Asia on the brink of a nuclear war crisis. We, the peace-loving and democratic Taiwanese, would like to earnestly urge you that:

  1. Peace is a fundamental human right of human family recognized by the United Nations and the divine blessing of God. It cannot be sabotaged arbitrarily.
  2. War is cruel, brutal, and devastating. War cannot solve problems but create more complicated difficulties. Launching wars is merciless and incompetent.
  3. Both of Your Excellencies are high and mighty, and shall use your wisdom to resolve the resentment and disagreement. Waging wars will make people plunged into an abyss of misery and the world a living hell. History has shown that only cowards wage wars, not heroes.
  4. Please be forward-looking, see the world as one family and put people first. Please exhaust all possible diplomatic means to find peaceful solutions. Only by doing so can you two become true world heroes in history.


May God bless your countries and the world.


                                                               Peace-loving Taiwanese

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